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Frequently asked question

What is Corsair's « SURCLASSÉ(E) ?» service ?


The "SURCLASSE(E)" service allows you to try to offer yourself an upgrade for the amount of your choice, simply by making an online offer. If you are in Economy Class, you can request an upgrade to Premium or Business Class. If you travel in Premium Class, you can make an offer for Business Class.

On which flights can I be upgraded?

Not all flights and passengers are systematically eligible. When you register online at under "Information and Services"/"Prepare your trip"/"travelling", you will know if you have access to this service. Once access is granted, you can make personalised offers, for example for the outbound flight only and not for the return flight.
If you do not wish to be upgraded on any of your routes, simply move the cursor to the far left to indicate "no bidding" for that flight.
We draw your attention to the importance of selecting the flight concerned by your offer, by correctly placing the scroll cursor. In case of error and if the offer is accepted, you will be required to pay the amount proposed.
The offers are only valid online, with payments exclusively by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard, Amex).
Please note that flights must be operated by Corsair to be eligible for service.

Which passengers are eligible for the upgrade ?

All passengers may be eligible for the upgrade, provided that all passengers in the file are over 2 years of age.


Please note :

If there are several passengers in the same booking file, the upgrade will be valid for all passengers in the booking file and the amount you specify will be multiplied by the number of passengers in the file.

Example: if you are 4 passengers registered in the same booking file and you wish to bid 300€ to travel in a higher class, the 4 passengers will automatically be taken into account for the upgrade by auction. The total amount of your offer will therefore be 4 x 300€, i.e. a total amount for the file of 1 200€.
If people do not wish to participate in the upgrade offer while one or more other people in the booking file wish to participate, they must contact our Customer Service open every day from 07:00 to 23:00 Paris time on 3917 (0.35 cts /mn, tariff from a fixed phone) before registering online to separate the travel file of the bidder from other passengers.

What is my bid ?

Your offer is the price you are willing to pay, per passenger, in addition to the original ticket price, to be upgraded on the specified flight. A minimum value and a maximum value are defined for each flight. Your bid applies to all passengers on your reservation. If your bid is accepted, all passengers in your reservation will be upgraded.

You must check that you have bid for the flight on which you wish to upgrade.
The banking information must also be verified. It is not possible to pay with several credit cards.
For each upgrade offer you will receive a confirmation email. There is no confirmation by SMS.
No debit will be made at the time of registration. Only bids accepted by Corsair will generate a debit to your card.


What is the deadline for making an offer ?

You can bid, revise or cancel your offer up to 06 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight.

When the bid is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be debited the last amount you indicated during the auction. This email acts as an invoice, for a total amount including all taxes. You may not change, cancel or transfer the accepted offer for an initial flight to another flight. The offer is also non-transferable to a third party. If you decide to modify your flight after acceptance of your offer, you will unfortunately not receive any refund or compensation.

When the offer is refused, an email of non-acceptance of your bid will be sent to you, no fees will apply and you will keep your initial reservation.

You will not be able to submit any more bids for the same flight.


May I retract ?

You can modify or simply cancel your bid up to 06 hours before the departure of your flight, as long as it has not been accepted. In the event of a cancellation, no fee will be charged to your credit card. Once the offer is accepted, no refund will be possible in case of withdrawal.


Do I benefit from the same services and advantages as a passenger who bought a Premium or Business class ticket?

On the ground and on board you will enjoy the same services as all other passengers in these travel classes.

On the ground, you will check in your luggage in a dedicated Business bank; you will have access to the Business lounges in the airports and will have the advantage of the access n°1 in Orly 4 a line cut for the passage of security and police filters.

On board, the seat, the gourmet meals and the entertainment system will be identical to the other passengers of the Premium or Business classes. 

However, the terms of your original ticket do not change. As such, you keep your hold baggage and cabin allowances indicated on your initial ticket; Similarly, the gain in euros that will be paid into your Club account will be calculated in relation to your initial reservation. 

Example: If you purchased a ticket with 23 kg checked baggage and your ticket is unmodifiable, these conditions will be retained in the event of an upgrade. So even if you are upgraded to Premium or Business Class, your baggage allowance will be 23kg.


What happens if I have already purchased additional services before being upgraded ?

If you have purchased additional luggage, it will still be valid on your upgraded trip.
However, other additional services purchased in advance and related to your initial travel class will not be reimbursed (paid seat, lounge access, access n°1, meals...).
For Premium passengers wishing to make an upgrade offer in Business class, the choice of meal (Fish or meat) you may have made on the route in question cannot be guaranteed if you are upgraded.


What happens if I change my booking ?

If your change occurs before your offer is accepted and no charge is made to your card, you can sign up for the upgrade on your new flight.  Your initial offer will therefore be cancelled.

If your change occurs after your upgrade offer has been accepted, please be aware that the upgrade accepted for the initial flight cannot be carried over to your new flight. Your upgrade entitlement will be forfeited and the amount of your upgrade is non-refundable


What happens if Corsair change my booking ? 

If due to operational anomalies once your upgrade has been accepted, you must be re-routed on another flight, you will retain your right to travel in the selected cabin, provided seats are still available in that cabin. If there are not enough seats on the new flight, the upgrade will be refunded on the credit card used to pay for the upgrade


Can I change my payment method ?

To change credit card information, you will need to cancel your offer within the deadline and make another one.


What happens If I miss my flight ?

If you miss your flight due to yourself, your upgrade is lost. The upgrade amount is non-refundable.

However, if you miss your flight due to Corsair, then your upgrade may be refunded under certain conditions.


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