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Upgraded ?

My upgraded travel

Treat yourself to more comfort on your trip

Advantage ?

You decide the price you are able to pay to travel with more comfort

Your ticket is in Economy Cabin class ?
Make an offer in Premium or Business Cabin Class

Your travel is in Premium Cabin?
With a good offer and a bit of luck, the business class is close


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How it works?

You just have to determine how much you can offer for an upgrade. You just need your booking reference and a credit card to make a bid.
Your bid can be modified at any time prior 6h as long as it is not confirmed. You also can cancel your offer during that time.


How to make an offer?

  • Log in with your booking details 
  • A short message indicates if upgrade is available on your flight
  • Click on the cabin class you want to make a bid (Premium or Business classes)
  • Adjust your offer and  confirm
  • Then you can enter your credit card details, review your offer and submit it
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail
  • You have the opportunity to change or cancel your upgrade offer at any time up to 6h before the scheduled departure, as long as it is not confirmed. To do so, log in again and amend your offer.

Your offer is granted?


You will be notified by email between 12h and 4h prior departure of your flight and the amount of your bid will be charged on your credit card.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that inform you on new cabin class along with your view boarding card.
You immediately benefit:

  • A dedicated check-in desk for Business or Premium passenger
  • Access no1 at Orly 4 Airport
  • Access to our Business lounge
  • Lie-flat seats and Ipad Pro in Business Cabin; Comfortable seats in Premium Cabin class
  • Gastronomic meals

Exception : the baggage allowance of your original ticket remain unchanged as well as your fares conditions (changes and refund).


Your offer is not accepted ?

You will be notified by an email between 12h and 4h before departure of your flight
Your credit card  won’t be charged : no feesis being applied.
You keep your original booking

For more questions, please consult our  FAQ. and our terms and conditions

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