Bagage soute

Luggage incident

In the event of damaged, lost or delayed luggage upon arrival

We are aware of the inconvenience caused by this incident, and would like to offer our apologies. We assure you that we are handling your case with great care, and suggest you take the following steps, depending on whether your luggage has been lost or damaged.

Whatever the incident, you need to make a declaration on the day you arrive, to the destination Luggage Service located near the luggage delivery area. This declaration must be made before leaving airside.


Assistance at your disposal:

To find luggage not delivered upon arrival:

  • Within the first 5 days of your flight, please contact the airport luggage Service where you opened a baggage claim.
  • From the 6th day onward, the Corsair Luggage Service, contactable on +33 (0) open from monday to friday from 09:00am to 06:00 pm will take over, until the 30th day.

Have you claimed the loss of your luggage ?  

In all cases, it is necessary to make a declaration on the day of your arrival at the baggage counter located in the baggage delivery customs area. If this step has not been carried out, you have 7 days to send a letter of complaint to the address below:

Create or access to a claim 


How to complete your claim declaration?


Remember that the company does not cover any perishable items (including medication), valuable or fragile items, currency, jewellery, silverware, bonds, securities or other precious objects, samples or business papers contained in checked luggage with or without the carrier’s knowledge. We advise you not to put this type of product or item in hold luggage, but to keep them with you in the cabin.

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Items confiscated at the security checkpoint

Items confiscated at the security checkpoint Under the reinforced French anti-hijacking plan and the new security measures imposed by European Regulations, you are not allowed to bring into the cabin:

Any item considered dangerous or which could be considered as a weapon. This means pointed, sharp or blunt objects. Such items will be confiscated at the security checkpoint and destroyed.

Any object defined as a "liquid" These will be confiscated at the security checkpoint and destroyed.


The company disclaims all liability for permanently confiscating these items. Click here to learn more.

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