Bagage soute prioritaire

Additional luggage

Take more luggage

When needed, you can purchase in advance additional baggage.


Benefit up to 50% discount up to 72h prior departure.

Where can I buy additional allowance?

  • At time of booking on our websites (,,,,,

  • After purchase of your ticket, on the dedicated online space "Manage my booking"

  • At our point of sale or at your travel agency.

  • At time of web check-in open 72h prior departure (no discount during web check-in)

  • At our Customer Service open every day from 07h00 to 23h00 by dialing :
    (*tariff from landline)

    or from abroad on the same days and times (Paris time) to :


Please note : purchase of additional luggage is available only on flights operated by Corsair.

In this way, you can buy one or more additional pieces of luggage, as follows:


Additional luggage at standard format


Baggages Africa  Indian Ocean - French West Indies - Canada - United States
Any additionnal baggage 200€ (or 250 $ or 250 CAD or 140 000 XOF) at airport, 160€ up to 72 hours before flight 100€ (or 130 $ or 130 CAD or 65 600 XOF) normal fare from 72h until departure flight
80€ up to72 hours before flight for Classic, Smart or Flex fares type
50€ up to 72 hours before departure for Basic fare type only 

Note: the permitted weight for excess baggage depends on which class you book for your flight

  • 23 kg in Economy class
  • 32 kg in Premium class
  • 32 kg in Business class

In Economy class, if you exceed this limit, you will have to pay a flat rate par luggage between 1 and 9 kg maximum of excess weight per luggage (maximum weight for a luggage in hold : 32 kg).

Tariff :
€50 between Paris and the french West Indies, Reunion island.
€85 between Paris and Africa or Mauritius island or Montreal or United States.


  • This service cannot be refunded and is non-transferable. It may, however, be modified in the event of a change of flight

  • The service is limited to 9 additional baggage items per passenger

  • This service cannot be purchased under the following circumstances:

    • for babies under 2 years old

    • for transporting animals (in the cabin or in the hold)

    • for transporting sports equipment, for which a special tariff applies


The luggage in hold "out or other format"

If you exceed the total size of your checked baggage (total H + W + L greater than 158 cm), you will have to pay a surcharge as indicated in the table below.
This surcharge applies to all types of hold baggage: baggage included in the hold franchise or acquired during the LE CLUB CORSAIR loyalty programme or purchased as additional baggage. It applies only to flights operated by Corsair. 

Additional luggage to travel to Abidjan:
If you have purchased additional baggage at 160 eur in advance or if you have to buy it on the day of departure at the airport at 200 eur and this additional baggage exceeds the authorized hold dimensions, you will have to pay a 300 eur surcharge. 
-> Your pre-purchased out-of-format baggage will amount to 160 euros + 300 euros to be paid at the airport, for a total of 460 euros;
-> Your out-of-format baggage paid on the day of departure will amount to 200 eur to be paid at the airport + 300 eur to be paid at the airport, for a total of 500 eur.

You have one baggage item included in the price of your ticket
If your checked baggage included in the fare exceeds the allowed dimensions, you will have to pay the additional fare. 
If you have to go to Mauritius island for example, the extra charge to be paid on the day of departure at the airport is 300 eur. If you have to go to La Reunion island, the extra charge to be paid on the day of departure at the airport is 100 eur.

For immediate travel To/From France and Africa or Mauritius Island or Canada or United States To / from France or Réunion Island or the french West Indies 
Any baggage between 159 cm and 300 cm maximum 300€ / 350 cad / 350 usd /196 800 xof payable only at the airport

100€ / 130 cad / 130 usd /65 600 xof payable only at the aiport


To note:
The maximum allowed weight of additional baggage or baggage over 158 cm in size depends on your transport class.

23kg in Economy class
32kg in Premium class
32kg in Business class 
If the excess baggage allowance is exceeded, you will have to pay at the airport for the normal price of the excess kilo (maximum weight of a checked baggage item is 32kg).

Beyond this allowance,  a surcharge per excess kilo (see below) or per additionnal baggage will be applied. To have more information on Excess baggage, click here.

Important :

In Economy class, if you exceed the weight of your luggage, you will have to pay also an additional charge for any excess between 1 and 9 kg maximum per piece of luggage (the maximum weight of a piece of luggage is 32 kg):
50 € between Paris and the West Indies or Reunion Island.
85 € between Paris and Africa or Mauritius or Montreal or United States.

Any piece not observing these standards and presented at check-in without the prior consent of the airline will be rejected.

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