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Sports equipments

You can bring sports equipment such golf bags, bicycles, skis, windsurfing/surfing or kitesurfing equipment, diving equipment and fishing rods, amongst others. 

Please note

In order for it to be transported, a bicycle must be wrapped in protective packaging (cardboard, hard plastic).

You must also :

  • Remove the pedals.
  • Remove the front wheel and attach it to the frame.
  • Turn the handlebars so that they are parallel to the frame.

Note: Children's bikes can travel without a surcharge if their size is between 12 and 20 inches, or 30 to 50 centimetres, even if this is outside of the allowance.

Sports or hunting rifles and their munitions

Sports or hunting rifles and their munitions are accepted in the hold, once the following instructions are complied with :

At check-in, these objects must be reported and accompanied by a permit for possessing a weapon – a hunting licence or shooting licence – and evidence or a deed of ownership. An X-ray inspection of the baggage is performed.

Weapons are prohibited in the cabin and can only be transported in the hold. Your weapons must be fully unloaded and packed in a carrying case or box. We only accept them if they are authorised by the authorities at the countries of departure, transit and destination.

The ammunition must be perfectly stored inside each package, and must not be loose. These packages must not be placed inside other baggage that is in the hold. 

A maximum of 5 kg of ammunition, including the packaging, is accepted per passenger. Cartridges with explosive or incendiary projectiles are forbidden, and all bulk ammunition will be refused.

We ask you to systematically notify us of the transportation of your weapon before your departure by calling our Customer Service at 3917 (€ 0.35/min from a landline) or on +33 1 70 39 22 10, if calling from abroad.

Plants and perishable goods

For most plant products, you must present a Phytosanitary Certificate and an import permit for their introduction into the country of destination. Please remember to bring these documents at the time of transport.

For some destinations, French legislation only allows you to carry one kilo of fresh food. Be aware that a large number of products are prohibited. Check with the relevant authorities of the countries of departure, transit and destination for more information.

You can also inquire with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry 

Direction générale de l'alimentation
251, rue de Vaugirard 
75732 Paris Cedex 15 
Tel: +33 (0)1 49 55 49 55 

Beware of banned products

Customs will confiscate any prohibited product, regardless of its origin.

In relation to the transport of perishable goods, Corsair will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage. It is advised that passengers take out private insurance covering these types of items.

Transporting coffins

Transporting coffins as cargo is possible.

All human remains must be accompanied by a special certificate attesting to the fact that any requirements have been met. This form must be completed and signed by the funeral home.
A second authorisation form is issued by the police at the airport.
For more information, please contact our Cargo Services.

Others bagagges 

The carriage of pets
Pour en savoir plus sur le transport d'animaux, nous vous invitons à consulter notre page "Voyager avec un animal" .

Equipment for handicapped persons
For everything you need to know about the regulations concerning equipment for handicapped persons, click here.

Musical instruments
Acoustic guitars are considered cabin baggage, and so do not incur an extra charge. Cellos are allowed in the cabin, but you have to purchase an extra seat. Instruments like double basses and harps must be transported by cargo, given their size and fragility. For more information, please contact our Cargo Services.

Sharp objects
Sharp objects are accepted in the hold without prior request, once certain mandatory instructions are complied with.
They must be dismantled insofar as possible, packaged in suitable packaging that is padded and hardy, effectively protecting the objects and presenting no risk of damaging the other baggage or of injuring the persons that handle them.


The baggage in hold "out or other format"

If you exceed the total size of your checked baggage (total H + W + L greater than 158 cm), you will have to pay a surcharge as indicated in the table below.
This surcharge applies to all types of hold baggage: baggage included in the hold franchise or acquired during the LE CLUB CORSAIR loyalty programme or purchased as additional baggage. It applies only to flights operated by Corsair. 

Additional luggage to travel to Abidjan:
If you have purchased additional baggage at 160 eur in advance or if you have to buy it on the day of departure at the airport at 200 eur and this additional baggage exceeds the authorized hold dimensions, you will have to pay a 300 eur surcharge. 
-> Your pre-purchased out-of-format baggage will amount to 160 euros + 300 euros to be paid at the airport, for a total of 460 euros;
-> Your out-of-format baggage paid on the day of departure will amount to 200 eur to be paid at the airport + 300 eur to be paid at the airport, for a total of 500 eur.

You have one baggage item included in the price of your ticket
If your checked baggage included in the fare exceeds the allowed dimensions, you will have to pay the additional fare. 
If you have to go to Mauritius island for example, the extra charge to be paid on the day of departure at the airport is 300 eur. If you have to go to La Reunion island, the extra charge to be paid on the day of departure at the airport is 100 eur.

Baggages To/From France and Africa or Madagascar or Mauritius Island or Canada or United States To / from France or Reunion Island or the french West Indies 
Any baggage between 159 cm and 300 cm maximum 300€ / 350 cad / 350 usd (or equivalent in local currency) payable only at the airport

100€ / 130 cad / 130 usd payable only at the aiport


To note:
The maximum allowed weight of additional baggage or baggage over 158 cm in size depends on your transport class.

23kg in Economy class
32kg in Premium class
32kg in Business class 

Important :

If your luggage exceed the weight allowed (including out of format luggage), you will have to pay an additional charge (a flat rate) for any excess between 1 and 9 kg maximum per piece of luggage (the maximum weight of a piece of luggage is 32 kg):
50 € between Paris and the West Indies or Reunion Island.
85 € between Paris and Africa or Mauritius or Madagascar or Montreal or the United States.

Any piece not observing these standards and presented at check-in without the prior consent of the airline will be rejected.

To have more information on Excess baggage, click here.

In the event of disputes

Our teams are there to support you if you are not completely satisfied with the service provided by Corsair.

In any complaints process that you enter into, it is important to keep the following rules in mind:

If in doubt about the condition of your shipments, a record of damages must be established at the destination in the presence of a Corsair representative, and before the goods leave the storage area.
Appropriate reservations must be clearly indicated (number and weight of the damaged or missing packages, precise description and quantified estimate of the disputed case, etc.). No subsequent claims will be taken into account.
A letter with the reservations should be sent to the Corsair representative within 15 days of the date that the airway bill (AWB) was issued on.

Important notice

Any steps undertaken in relation to a dispute must be undertaken with the Corsair representative at the destination, at the airport that your shipment arrives at. For more information, please contact our Cargo Services.
Disputes are handled in accordance with the Montreal Convention, which sets the liability limits for airlines.

Please note for the transport of special baggage The conditions relating to the transport of special baggage are applicable for flights operated exclusively by Corsair. For any flight operated by another airline, we recommend that you contact the latter in order to ascertain its conditions.

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