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Best Price Guarantee

Worry-free booking on corsair.fr !

If you've purchased an airline ticket from the www.corsair.fr website, without passing through any other channels, and you find an identical Corsair’s ticket at a lower price than you paid on corsair.fr, including airport taxes, administration and service charges, on another French website before midnight on the day of your booking, Corsair promises to refund you double the difference in price !


Corsair's repayment of double the difference in price is dependent upon the following conditions being met:

1. The terms of the initial offer and the competing offer must be identical, with regards to:

  • Departure and arrival airports
  • Travel dates
  • Routes
  • Flights
  • Travel class (Economy, Premium or Business)
  • Traveller types (adult, child, baby, senior, youth or student)
  • Baggage in hold included or not in the fare
  • Price terms and conditions
  • Services
  • Credit card type (comparison valid only on payments made by: CB, VISA, EUROCARD, MASTERCARD, AMEX)

 Flights must be operated exclusively by CORSAIR.

2. It should be noted that any charges relating to additional services will not be taken into account for the price comparison.

3. Seats must be still available in compliance with the conditions stated above as part of the competing offer.
4.The transaction is restricted to one reimbursement of price difference between the initial offer and the competing offer per booking (even if there are multiple flights in the booking) and per household for all reservations made through corsair.fr.
5. Corsair reserves the right to terminate this offer at any time without prior notice


The prices covered by the Best Price Guarantee must be available to the general public.
Not included in the Best Price Guarantee:

  • Flights sold on www.corsair.fr operated by another airline                  
  • Special prices that have been negotiated for businesses, specifically but not restricted to travel agents, networks, distributors, and TOs
  • Preferential rates for members of associations and/or administrative staff
  • Reduced fares available to loyalty programme members.


If you have found, on another French website, a flight operated by Corsair at a price lower than the price of the initial offer and meeting all the conditions set out above, you must submit, before midnight on the day of your reservation, your request for reimbursement in the form indicated below by selecting the reason "other reasons" and then "best price guarantee".

form to be reimbursed

The application must be accompanied by supporting documents:
1 - A copy of the email confirming the initial booking sent by Corsair,
2 - The copy (s) of the screenshot of the page of the reference French Internet site excluding Corsair sites displaying an available price lower than the price of the initial offer, all taxes and service charges included and whose conditions are identical to those of the initial offer.
3 - The screenshot showing the baggage allowance applied to the selected fare
4 - your postal address and a bank account number.


  • The screen capture should be of the final stage in the booking process on the competing French website (just before payment information is entered). In order to process your request, the screen capture must include all of the information in the paragraph above, and we wish to make it clear that Corsair reserves the right to reject any claims containing incomplete information. You may send a maximum of 3 screen captures.
  • A refund of the difference is not possible if the ticket has been cancelled. If a request for a refund is made for a ticket that has already undergone this process, the amount previously received under the guarantee will be deducted.
  • The definition of a "French website" is a site with a URL ending in .fr, that has been created by a company with its headquarters in France, and whose online offers are aimed at a French audience (French speakers, paying in Euro, delivery to France).


You will receive an automatic response as soon as you submit your claim.
CORSAIR will process your request, specifically if the conditions for application of said Guarantee have all been met:

  • If your request meets all of the applicable conditions for the Best Price Guarantee and payment has been made in full, CORSAIR agrees to repay you double the difference in price. For all flight bookings made by credit card, CORSAIR will refund the amount by crediting the same bank card that was used on www.corsair.fr to book the ticket, following receipt of an email from CORSAIR informing you that your repayment request has been approved.
  • If the claim does not meet the terms and conditions of the Best Price Guarantee, CORSAIR will send you an email informing you that the Best Price Guarantee is not applicable.


CORSAIR is not responsible for any potential costs that may be incurred following the cancellation of a booking, for all reservations made on French sites other than  www.corsair.fr.

Last update : 05 february 2018

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