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Our aircraft

The entire operational fleet consists of  1 Airbus A330-200s and 4 Airbus A330-300s. In 2021, 4 new A330-900 NEO will join our fleet.


More comfort

Renew the fleet to awaken the pleasure of travel
The new facilities on board Corsair aircraft meet one ambition: to offer a space in which to travel is a pleasure. Thus, with more space thanks to new seats (the total number of seats goes from 323 to 304 on the A330-200 and from 306 to 352 on the A330-300), a scheduled flight schedule and an accessible pricing policy, Corsair is working to achieve this objective.


So the Corsair fleet is:
- new generation seats in order to offer the latest technical advances and provide better seating comfort,
- individual touch screens (located in the backrest of the seat) offering a wide range of films, children's programmes, music channels, games...
- an area dedicated to premium customers (12 seats on Airbus).
The seat inclination increases from 116° to 126°, with a ground clearance of 117 cm for optimal comfort. Individual screens benefit from optimized viewing and sound quality, with noise-cancelling audio headphones.
- the area dedicated to business customers is composed of 12 or 18 lie-flat seats according to the registration, i.e. they can be reclined up to 164° to offer a comfortable bed position. The ground clearance is 152 cm, allowing you to enjoy a space of your own. The individual screens are 13-inch Ipad Pro tablets with which are supplied a very high quality earmuff.
The smallest details have also been considered: the A330-300s are equipped with an innovative lighting system (mood lighting) simulating nightfall or sunrise according to the different phases of the flight. A detail that, by bringing a beautiful harmony to the cabin, is not really a detail...

Corsair, the second largest French fleet in terms of number of seats available.

How to reconfigure an A330-300


Airbus A330-200

1 Airbus A330-200-200
Registrations: F-HCAT

302 seats including :
12 seats in Business class, 12 seats in Premium class;
54 "economy plus" seats (eco+) and 224 seats in standard Economy class.

Range 12H30 / 10 800 km.
Speed: 870 km/h.

The A330-200 cabin plan

A 320


Airbus A330-300

4 Airbus A330-300
Registrations: F-HSKY, F-HZEN, F-HJAZ, FH-ROK

A330-300 cabin plan for F-HSKY et F-HZEN

352 seats including :
12 seats in Business class, 12 seats in Premium class ; 
78 "economy plus" seats (eco+) and 250 seats in standard Economy class.

Range 11h30 / 9000 km.
Speed: 870 km/h

A 330


A330-300 cabin plan for F-HJAZ and F-HROK

298 seats including :
18 seats in Business class, 12 seats in Premium class; 
36 "Economy plus" seats (eco+) and 232 seats in standard Economy class.


Our technical maintenance department

Corsair has its own technical department. It is responsible for the line maintenance of the airline’s aircraft at its main base in Orly and at the bases in Fort-de-France, Pointe-à-Pitre and Saint-Denis de la Réunion.

The Corsair technical division includes:

  • All activities relating to production, logistics, purchasing, engineering, planning and quality for ensuring the maintenance and monitoring of the aircraft in the very best of safety conditions.
  • The operating budget for the maintenance of the aircraft was approximately 50 million euro in 2012. 


Since 1994, the Corsair technical division has had JAR 145 certification, which guarantees the operation of airplanes under optimal safety conditions.

Heavy maintenance visits are entrusted to organisations approved for such operations, which meet the highest quality and safety standards: Air France, Cargolux, SASCO, etc.

A technical expert body is present in Orly 24/7 in order to coordinate maintenance operations on the aircraft, in Orly and in the foreign stopovers. This body follows all the behaviours of the next-generation aircraft (Airbus A330) in real time, including embedded systems that continuously communicate with Orly via satellite link.

Whereas it is provided for the aircraft, safety can also be found on the ground and on board; prevention and control mechanisms are in place to protect you.

On the ground

Your ID You may be asked of you repeatedly, and your baggage can be inspected. It is forbidden to carry any sharp object that can be used as a weapon in your hand luggage or in the cabin; it will be confiscated at the baggage controls. To properly prepare for the controls, read all the information on baggage permitted in the cabin.

On board


At the entrance to the airplane, the cabin crew checks the boarding pass of each passenger and then counts the passengers on board at the end of boarding. They ensure that the expected number of passengers is identical to the number of travellers in the cabin.

IOSA certification 

Since May 2008, Corsair obtains IOSA accreditation, with the label issued by IATA, the International Air Transport Association. This attests to the airline’s adherence to a recognised quality system, and to its commitment in relation to all safety matters.
The IOSA assessment programme is based on the systematic review of nearly 1,000 points that combine international standards with the best practices of airlines.
This certification is incumbent upon the member airlines of IATA. With this label, Corsair states and confirms its strict compliance with international safety rules, particularly in terms of organisation, maintenance and flight operations.


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