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Time difference
3 hours ahead of Mainland France in winter, and 2 hours ahead in summer.
Flight time
Local hour

Area size
142,8 km²
9 394
(from Paris)

142 442 inhabitants
Reunion Creole


Before leaving  vous must carry :

  • A valid ID card or passport

Information on customs and security formalities is provided as a guide.
Under no circumstances may Corsair be held responsible if your official documentation is not in order.

To prepare your trip, we suggest you contact the island’s tourist office:

Reunion Tourist Office

90 rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 75 02 79 / fax. 01 40 75 02 73

Worth knowing

There are no obligatory vaccinations.

Shopping hours

Shops are open from 08:00 to 17:00


The network of yellow buses serves the main towns on Reunion


Take care when swimming, as there can be sharks in some places. Make sure before taking hiking trails that they are well marked.


Most services are open from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, and on often on Saturday morning.

Celebrations and public holidays

  • Choca festival in Entre-Deux from 1st to 31st July
  • Sakifo Music Festival in Saint-Pierre from 4th to 8th August
  • Vacoa and palm festival in Saint-Philippe from 6th to 15th August
  • Pilgrimage from Notre-Dame-de-la-Salette to Saint-Leu on 19th September
  • Aïd-el-Kebir (Eid al-Adha or Tabaski) on 17th November
  • Fête caf' (Festival of the Cafres) on 20th December
  • Cavadee Festival in Saint-Leu, Saint-André and Saint-Louis from 19th to 21st January
  • “Réunion d’aventures” race from 8th to 15th May

Going to / Leaving the airport

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The essentials

Not to be missed

The city of Saint-Denis has an extraordinary historical heritage. Its monuments, parks, museums and Creole houses are a living illustration of its history.


Le Barachois, La Roche Ecrite and the Saint-Denis Cathedral are definitely among the essentials of Saint-Denis de la Réunion.


Strolling through the centre of Saint-Denis

As you pass the Prefecture and old city hall, you will discover the old Creole houses of rue de Paris, especially Villa Déramond Barre and Maison Carrère. You can then look around the Grand Marché and Petit Marché.


Monuments and museums

Among the many monuments, be sure to visit Saint-Denis Cathedral, the old city hall, Noor al Islam Mosque and the Saint-Jacques district church.


Léon Dierx Museum (housing a large Impressionist collection), the Natural History Museum and the Dodo beer house are also very interesting.


Parks and gardens

The State Gardens offer a fantastic collection of fruit trees and exotic species. They are also the setting of the Reunion Natural History Museum. Colorado Park is one the city’s main parks, a meeting place and celebration venue for all the inhabitants of Saint-Denis.


A natural area a few minutes from Saint-Denis

Colorado Park is a large natural area set slightly higher up (300 m). A start point for many walks or mountain bike rides, it also has a golf course.


A mainly Creole cuisine, but with an Indian influence

Although you can find Indian, Chinese and of course French restaurants, Reunion’s cuisine remains primarily Creole. In the tasty, often spicy dishes with big helpings, you can detect a clear Indian influence.

The recipes are also reminiscent of Madagascan and African dishes.


Some typical dishes

Among the island’s typical dishes we can mention: chicken cari, fish cari (“cari” is a mainstay of Reunion cooking), stews (cockerel and duck), as well as Creole paté. This generally comes in tart form, along with a garnish such as stuffed chicken, pork, and spiced tomatoes.


Produce and markets

Local produce largely makes for the originality of Reunion cuisine. Some fruits, picked green, are primarily cooked as vegetables. Once matured, they are used as fruits.

The markets are overflowing with fruits: pineapples, mangoes, avocados, bananas, coconuts, peaches, bananas, carambola, passion fruit, guava, lychee, mango or papaya will knock you out with their freshness.



You can find good quality French wines at a decent price. You can also try out “new world” wines, e.g. South African, which are often very good quality.


Don’t forget to try out vanilla coffee. The supermarkets stock “Pause Café” (coffee break) bottles, which are actually vanilla coffee punches, with a coffee liqueur flavour.


Watch out for restaurant opening times

Restaurants generally close early at lunchtime and in the evening.


Tropical influence

The island has a tropical oceanic climate. Tempered by the proximity of the ocean, the temperature on the coast varies between 18 and 31 °C.


The cooler dry season runs from May to November (infrequent rain and mild temperatures), and the warmer wet season runs from November to April. In October and December, the season is spring-like with resplendent vegetation.


Cooler at higher altitudes

At higher altitudes, the temperature can fall to 4°C, rarely exceeding 25 °C.


The thermometer can even drop below zero in the mountains. At 1800 m, frosts are frequent in July and August, particularly at night.


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