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Time difference
- Reunion Island  : + 9 hours in winter / + 8 hours in summer
- Mauritius island : + 9 hours in winter / + 8 hours in summer
- French West Indies : -1 hours in winter/ - 2 hours in summer
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Worth knowing

In many French cities, public transport services offer special packages for tourists.

Shopping hours


Most shops are open from 09:00 to 19:00 (with a break between 12:00 and 14:00 in the provinces), Monday to Saturday.




It is easy to get around in France since there are many means of transport. The main cities are interconnected by airlines at an affordable price, or by high-speed train (TGV), which can be fairly expensive in the high season. Big cities such as Lyon, Marseille and Paris have metros for getting around. In other cities, it is possible to get around by bus or tram. You can hire a car throughout the country; prices vary according to the season.




No major problems to report.




Post offices are open from 09:00 to 19:00 Monday to Friday (with a break between 12:00 and 14:00 in the provinces), and from 08:00 to 12:00 on Saturday.


Holidays and celebrations


1st January: New Year’s Day.
1st May: Labour Day.  
8th May: VE Day.
Easter : 40 days after Ash wednesday
Ascension day: 40 days after Easter
Pentecost Monday: 50 days after Easter
14th July: National holiday.
15th August: Assumption.
1st November: All Saints’ Day  
11th November: Armistice Day
 8th December: Festival of Lights.  
25th December: Christmas.

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The essentials

With its extremely diverse regions, France is the most visited country in the world. The relaxed south offers sublime landscapes; the west large beaches with bracing air; the east vineyards and small blooming villages; and the north cultural heritage: France is a beautiful country from one end to the other.


Among the essentials, you should explore the cities of Paris, Bordeaux and Lyon. Also unmissable are the volcanoes of the Massif Central, the Alps, the beaches of Deauville and La Baule, the vineyards of Bourgogne and Champagne, and the Côte d’Azur.


France is a country renowned for its gastronomy. Indeed, right across the country there are a host of places to eat out on simple fare, or gastronomic establishments whose prices are often higher.


For a simple, traditional meal, you can eat out at a “brasserie”, ordering a quiche Lorraine or a “croque-monsieur”.


Among the traditional dishes, we can recommend blanquette de veau, gratin dauphinois, cassoulet, coq au vin and bœuf bourguignon. In terms of wine, France enjoys international renown. There are three main sorts of wine: red, rosé or white, which has a sweeter flavour.


With a wealth of history stretching a long way back, France enjoys an extraordinary cultural heritage. Museums, churches, monuments, architecture, towns and villages: the whole country boasts an abundance of wonders to discover.


There are a great many activities and attractions: shopping in the luxury stores of Paris, festivals, concerts, theatres and cinemas, as well as an intense nightlife.


The various French regions also each have their typical cultural particularities.


By virtue of its latitude, Metropolitan France is located in a temperate zone.


There are various climatic regions within France: oceanic, continental and Mediterranean.


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