Billet d'avion Fort-de-France

Practical info


Time difference
5 hours behind Mainland France in winter, and 6 hours behind in summer.
Flight time
11 h  

Area size
1 128 km²
6 789 km
(from Paris)

386 486 inhabitants


Formalities :

Before going, you must be sure to have a valid ID card or passport.

Information on customs and security formalities is provided as a guide.
Under no circumstances may Corsair be held responsible if your official documentation is not in order.

To prepare your trip, we suggest you contact the island’s tourist office:

76, rue Lazare Carnot
+596 596 60 27 73 / Fax 05 96 60 27 95

Worth knowing

There are no obligatory vaccinations. However, remember to take sun cream, sunglasses and mosquito repellents.

Shopping hours

Shops are open between 08:00 and 18:00, with a break between 12:00 and 14:00.


There is just one bus company that serves the Fort-de-France region, so it is practically essential to hire a car locally. Failing that, the locals get around by shuttle taxi, which remains the most common way to travel. Lastly, you can get to the neighbouring islands easily with regular boat connections.


Before swimming, do watch out for certain fish and marine animals: seek advice beforehand.


The post offices are open until 16:00 during the week, and on Saturday morning. Banks are open from 08:00 to 16:00, with a break between 12:00 and 14:00. Some also close on Monday and Wednesday.

Holidays and celebrations

  • New Year’s Day: 1st January
  • Easter Monday: between 22nd March and 25th April
  • Labour Day: 1st May
  • VE Day: 8th May
  • Ascension: 20th May
  • Pentecost Monday: 30th May
  • National holiday: 14th July
  • Assumption: 15th August
  • All Saints’ Day: 1st November
  • Armistice Day: 11th November
  • Christmas: 25th December

Going to / Leaving the airport

See detail


Dependable values

Black pudding and accras are West Indian specialities that you might already know. However, you should not think that the local gastronomy stops there, since the country boasts a great variety of exotic fruits and vegetables hard to find in Mainland France, such as the carambola or christophine, as well as other dishes to try out such as stuffed crab, known as “Touloulous” or “matoutous”.


Worth discovering

It would be a shame not to try out certain Martinican specialities in Fort-de-France. Blaffs (fish marinated in a mixture of spices and green lemon, in a court-bouillon stock) are an institution, as are soups, especially z’habitant, calalou (herb seasoned soup based on okra and pork) and “pâté en pot” (actually a vegetable and offal soup).



Martinican rum is renowned, and often of good quality. There are many sorts, classed in two main categories: white rum (immature) and aged rum, which spends at least three years in an oak cask. Planter punches are made from fruit juices, sugar cane, rum (immature and aged) and green lemon zest. Fruit juices are fresh and inexpensive, often squeezed in-situ and sold in the street.


End-of-year holiday specialities

Try the Christmas ham and other wonderful seasonal pork products. As well as hot pâtés, you can also enjoy the traditional cockerel fricassee, generally prepared on New Year’s Day.


Home of Aimé Césaire

Martinique and Fort-de-France are intimately linked to this outstanding poet and politician.

A genuine guardian figure of the city of which he was mayor for 46 years, Aimé Césaire died in 2008. In particular, he was a founder of the “Négritude” literary movement, and struggled against colonialism. The author of a substantial body of work, he was buried in La Joyaux cemetery near Fort-de-France.



The Carnival is one of the most popular festivals in Fort-de-France. It is held between February and March; for about one week, you will be able to admire the colourful parades and appreciate the singing and dancing competitions.


Aimé Césaire Theatre.

You can see some very fine plays and concerts in this establishment located in Fort-de-France. It is situated in the old city hall (classed as a historical monument) which has been refurbished with a big show hall built in the Italian style, hence its excellent acoustics.


The Fort-de-France culture festival

Every year in July, this festival combines concerts, exhibitions, conferences and live shows. The whole city is taken over by culture and dialogue.


Pleasant temperatures all year round

The temperatures in the Caribbean are pleasant all year round, with an average of 25° C. There are two distinct seasons in this wet tropical climate: the more pleasant dry season, from February to April, and the wet season, from July to October. The cyclone season runs from August to October.


Warm seas all year round

The sea is very pleasant. Indeed, the water temperature can exceed 28 °C from July to October, and does not drop below 26 °C throughout the dry season.

The essentials

A city with a rich colonial past, Fort-de-France is the capital of Martinique. You can never tire of exploring this city, packed with colour and flavour.

In the city itself, be sure not to miss the big market and Fort Saint-Louis. Not far from Fort-de-France, the Balata church and gardens are exceptional landmarks.



Visit the Regional Museum of History and Ethnography, the Departmental Museum of Pre-Colombian archaeology, the Natural History Museum and the Father Pinchon Reserve.



In terms of monuments, take the time to visit the Schoelcher Library, the CMAC Atrium cinema, Fort-de-France beach, the statue of Empress Josephine, the Palace of Arts and Culture, the Camille Darsières centre and the city theatre (old city hall).


Parks and gardens

Fort-de-France boasts several parks and gardens, very pleasant at any time of year: the Savannah Garden, the Balata Garden, the Regional Natural Park (Domaine de Tivoli) and the Aimé Césaire cultural park.


The Schoelcher Library

With its dome and colourful facades, the Schoelcher Library is undoubtedly the city’s most beautiful monument. Built according to the plans of the architect Henri Picq, it was first presented at the Paris 1889 Universal Exhibition, before being dismantled and shipped to Fort-de-France.


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