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Founded in 1981, Corsair specialises in international long-haul flights. Up to date with the very latest technical, economic and ecological performance measures, its fleet provides the very best in comfort and safety. Its collaboration with select partners enables it to offer the best of services. Discover our company.

Corsair International, French airline specialist in international long-haul.

Created in 1981, Corsair is a subsidiary of TUI France, itself a subsidiary of the TUI Group, world leader of tourism present in 180 countries worldwide.

Each year, nearly 1.3 million passengers travel on Corsair lines worldwide.

Corsair International is exclusively regular flights from Paris and 16 provincial cities (via TGV service Air):

  • 14 weekly flights to the Caribbean
  • 1 night of daily flight to the Reunion Island,
  • Madagascar the feeder 4 times per week,
  • the lle Maurice can be reached at 3 weekly flights
  • Senegal, up to 7 flights per week
  • has the Ivory Coast, up to 4 flights per week
  • Canada, during the summer, up to 6 weekly flights.

Corsair has undertaken an ambitious program of fleet renewal. Since May 2013 the company has completed its processing and has 7 completely reconfigured devices with an innovative entertainment system on individual touch screens.

Corsair strengthens its loyalty program "Club Corsair" to enable its customers to benefit from cheaper rates and favorable terms.

The company also offers new e-services such as web check-in available 24 hours before flight departure, the pre-booking of duty-free products online and à la carte services such as the purchase of comfort seats or additional baggage at preferential prices.

Sustainable Development at Corsair

Sustainable development is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the future generations of the opportunity to meet their own needs" (Brundtland Report, 1987). It is based on three inseparable pillars: economic efficiency, social equity and environmental quality; in line with the principles of solidarity, participation and precaution.

Air transport currently represents about 2.5% of global emissions of greenhouse gas of human origin. Also, Corsair strengthens its actions on the pillars of sustainable development in every dimension of his activity.

According to Article 75 of the Grenelle Environment, the company released its assessment of greenhouse gas emissions.

balance sheet Download pdf for 2011
balance-of-emissions-to-gas-to-effect-of-greenhouse-2011.pdf 1.47 MB

Corsair is one of 45% of French companies that answered this regulatory requirement. Thus, Corsair has issued, for the year 2011, 1.03 million tons of CO2, 95% are from the aircraft fuel consumption.

Corsair is committed to actions in favor of sustainable development:

  • The Fuel Efficiency program, reduces CO2 emissions related to fuel consumption by influencing the efficiency and optimization of each flight.
  • Corsair is committed to sort bottles on board its aircraft.
  • The old uniforms of the cabin crew will be recycled and recovered together with Cepovett, new uniform supplier and its partner SITA, a subsidiary of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, expert in material recovery.
  • All employees Corsair is invited to behave responsibly, by applying daily eco-gestures.
  • Corsair agrees with ECPAT to the fight against child sex tourism.
  • The Aéropartage humanitarian organization created by Corsair employees there over 10 years, works daily to Madagascar and Senegal.

Corsair offers to calculate CO2 emissions your trip here

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