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Cabin Luggage

Bagage en cabine

Everything you need to know on the Cabin Luggage

Just one piece per person

For the comfort and safety of all, you are only entitled to one piece of cabin luggage. Any accessories must be included in (handbag, laptop, briefcase, coat, etc.), and must observe the new security measures.
Your cabin luggage allowance is 12 kg maximum. Your luggage can not  exceed 115 cm overall size, and can  not exceed  the following dimensions: 55 heights x 40 lengths x 20 widths.

Worth knowing :

Please note :

  • Any items prohibited in the cabin must be placed in the hold. If you are in any doubt, do not hesitate to ask the check-in personnel.
  • For reasons of safety and regulatory Corsair reserves the right to control your hand luggage when boarding.
    If your cabin baggage exceeds the weight allowance, we will be obliged to:
    - Ask you to pay an extra charge, adjustable by credit card only, and costs of additional baggage;
    - Ask you to leave your luggage at baggage complaints department in case of refusal to pay;
    - Land you in case of refusal of payment and deposit your luggage in our baggage complaints department.
  • Despite every effort we make on a daily basis to provide the best possible service, there may exceptionally be a delay in forwarding your hold luggage.
    To avoid any disappointment, think about keeping essential items such as keys or medicines with you or in your cabin luggage.

To look up the allowances permitted for our destinations, and the excess kilo fee: 

To find out your luggage allowance, we suggest you select your destination and flight class,

Liquids in cabin luggage: the new security measures

European regulations stipulate that airlines must refuse to take any liquids in the cabin, (minus the exceptions set out below).

These regulations apply to outgoing all flights from the European Union, including French Overseas Departments, Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.

  • The term "liquids" covers :
  • liquids.
  • gels.
  • pastes.
  • the contents of pressurised containers (drink, perfume, lotion, hair gel, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, shaving foam or any other item of similar consistency).
  • white liquid cheeses comprising more than 100ml or 100g (mascarpone, curd cheese, yogurt, cream, etc.).
  • cream cheeses such as cheese spreads comprising more than 100ml or 100g.

In accordance with the new regulations, fish and other aquatic animals may no longer be carried in the cabin on our flights. These animals may now travel by Cargo only. To have more information on the unaccompanied luggage, click here.
It is possible to take liquids essential for your health in the cabin, such as: 

  • Baby foods necessary for the trip.
  • Dietetic supplements..
  • Medicines.

When you enter the boarding area, the security agents may ask you for proof of their authenticity, either by producing proof of purchase or a prescription, or by tasting them.

Please note :

Any liquids not meeting the characteristics defined above will be confiscated by the security agent as you enter the boarding area.

Preparing your cabin luggage properly

Worth knowing

In accordance with the aviation security rules in force, we suggest you read our advice carefully in order to prepare your luggage. Many items are not authorised for air carriage, and others must be specially packed in order to be accepted (especially concealed hazardous goods).

Since the responsibility of the airline is limited in case of loss/theft or accident, additional insurance may sometimes prove necessary.

Please note: hazardous materials and “concealed” hazardous materials

The customer is held fully responsible in the event of a problem on-board associated with carrying luggage in their name containing hazardous materials not declared at check-in.
Some hazardous goods may be “concealed”:

  • Electrically driven appliances
  • Wheelchair batteries
  • Certain automotive parts
  • Diving equipment
  • Certain medical supplies
  • Camping equipment
  • Photography supplies

Please note:

  • Diving torches must be separated from their power sources (batteries, capsules, accumulators, etc. ...) and placed in cabin luggage
  • Diving cylinders are accepted in the hold. They must be emptied and uncapped and come within the hold luggage allowance.

For further information, or special cases, please do not hesitate to contact us on 39 17 (0.34 cts/min).

Prohibited merchandise

For health and safety reasons, certain goods are absolutely prohibited on-board, whether in the cabin or hold. You are held fully responsible if you carrying one or more items of these hazardous materials not declared at check-in. 

  • Explosives: fireworks, flares, rockets, firecrackers, primers, trick explosives, etc.
  • Compressed, inflammable or non-inflammable gases: tear gas, stoves with refills or butane cylinders, gas cartridges, large quantities of aerosols, freon, helium, etc.
  • Inflammable liquids: oil stoves and refills, paints and thinners, varnishes, automotive lacquers, fuels, engines with the fuel tank not completely drained (mopeds, motorbikes, karts, lawnmowers, chainsaws, gensets), etc.
  • Inflammable solids: such as firebrands or barbecue lighters.
  • Toxic products: toxic or anaesthetic products, pesticides, insecticides, infectious materials or microbe cultures, etc.
  • Organic peroxides and oxidising agents: products for common domestic use such as oxygenated water, washing powder, detergents, chemicals, liquid or powder fertilisers (chlorate or nitrate), weedkillers, etc.
  • Radioactive materials: equipment, products, instruments or devices containing a radioactive material, even if they are deemed exempt from the regulations..
  • Any corrosive product such as batteries, electrolytes, mercury barometers and thermometers, acids, bleach, etc.
  • Hazardous merchandise (miscellaneous): the UN classification 9 includes dry ice, yet we do carry it. However, passengers must inform the airline of it, and not exceed 2.5kg per passenger, in packaging enabling carbon dioxide release.
  • Munitions: Regulation 185/2010 (§5, appendix 5b) now prohibits the carriage of munitions in hold luggage. Munitions must be carried via cargo. To have more information in the freight services, click here
  • Hoverboard, skateboarding, scooters and other electric Segways and unicycles

If you have any doubt whether you can carry certain goods (hold or cabin), we suggest you contact us on 

Tariff from landlines


 from abroad
Free call from landlines 

If you want to carry valuable or fragile items

We remind you that your luggage must be locked, labelled internally and externally with your surname, forename and permanent address..

Please note :

the airline is not responsible for the following items carried in checked-in luggage :

  • Money (cash, credit cards, cheque books)
  • Securities or bonds
  • Business documents/ID
  • Medicines
  • Jewellery
  • Car/house keys
  • Samples
  • Valuables (camera, videocam, PC, laptop, telephone, Hi-Fi equipment, electronic games, electronic diaries, etc.)
  • Fragile items (vases, paintings, etc.)

For the latter two categories in particular, we suggest you take out temporary private insurance covering this type of item to protect yourself against damage or loss.

If you want to carry an urn

They are permitted in the cabin provided that: :

  • The packaging makes the contents unidentifiable.
  • The container is not made from breakable material.
  • The size complies with cabin luggage dimensions.
  • The urn is welded shut for international flights.
  • The administrative formalities are in order in the case of international flights (incineration certificate issued by the crematorium, transport permit issued by the Prefecture or local authority).
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