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Grand Large Class

With Grand Large Class, your privileges begin as soon as you arrive at the airport

You will be entitled to :

  • a fast check-in with no need to wait, thanks to the dedicated queue.
  • a more generous hold and cabin luggage allowance.
  • a first-class access pass at Orly, Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre airports, guaranteeing you priority access to border and security controls, both on departure and arrival.
  • access to the private lounge
  • priority boarding on the aircraft.
  • priority delivery of your luggage at flight arrival.
  • Liberty bag luggage service at departures from the West Indies, free of charge.

The service continues on-board

you will be entitled to:

  • a welcome-aboard glass of champagne.
  • blanket and earplugs.
  • weekly magazines and daily newspapers.
  • an individual video touchscreen.
  • an amenity kit bag.
  • the possibilty to choose your seats (aisle or window) when you book your ticket.
    You can reserve your seat directly on-line, simply by selecting this specific service (tick-box) when booking
  • the possibility of choosing your meal when you reserve.
  • order duty free products, and have them delivered at your seat
  • Grand Large Class seats
    Between 26 to 36 seats, depending on the aircraft type, our Grand Large Class is located on the upper deck of Boeing 747s and at the front of the Airbus A330s.
    Our wide, ergonomic and comfortable seats provide you a perfect wellbeing. They come with a built-in footrest, recline to 120° and have an available space of 112 cm. 

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With our Grand Large and Horizon classes, your privileges begin as soon as you arrive at the airport.
Look up the characteristics of each of our classes, leaving you completely free to choose the one that suits you.

Before the flight Grand Large Horizon
Pre-allocated seats for purchase       x x
Choice of special meals for purchase x x
Bigger hold and cabin luggage allowance x  optional
 Online check-in
(including mobile version)
x x
 Priority access to check-in and controls
(departing from Orly, Fort-de-France and Pointe-à-Pitre)
x  optional
Private Lounge x  optional
Priority boarding and
On board    
Welcome-aboard champagne x  
Portable multimedia player x  
Individual video  touchscreen  x  
Magazines and press x x
On-board sales to your seat x
Comfortable seats tilting back to 120°,
Blanket and pillow x x
Amenity kit bag
(brand cosmetics)
Comfort kit x x
Choice of meal
 (meat or fish)
x x
Gastronomic meals x  
Baby gift kit
(0 to 2 years)
x x
Child gift kit and lunchbox
(2 to 12 years)
x x
On arrival    
Priority delivery of your luggage x  
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